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Bookish Breakdown No 17: May 2020

Hello, lovelies! By the end of this month, I'll have been self-isolating for roughly 80 days. Which is a long time to hardly ever see your family and not see any friends. It's a long time, especially when the world is so desperately trying to force a normal to return to when the threat of… Continue reading Bookish Breakdown No 17: May 2020

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Spellslinger Series: The Second Half

Hello, lovelies! So, normally when I write book reviews, I usually dedicate an entire post as one review. Sometimes, I'll do a combination of mini reviews, because it's just easier for me to do that instead of writing full-length posts. In this case, I'm sorta doing a combination of the two, because I happened to… Continue reading Spellslinger Series: The Second Half

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Writer Wonders No 2

Hello, lovelies! And welcome to my second installment of Writer Wonders, a new blog series where I answer questions about writing! I had so much fun answering questions in regards to plotting and worldbuilding last week and I'm excited to tackle some more questions today. I also realize that I worked myself into a bind.… Continue reading Writer Wonders No 2

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Changes and Steps

Hello, lovelies! As you all might have noticed last week, I decided to go on a social media hiatus and it's going really well! I miss it, sometimes (mostly the writing friends I have on Twitter) and definitely have noticed myself reaching for my phone to check it when I'm bored or have a lull… Continue reading Changes and Steps


Readings Habits: The Proud and Needs Improvement — An Inspired Post!

Hello, lovelies! So, I've been wanting to write more bookish discussions and always struggle to come up with what I should write about. Well, I remembered saving this amazing post by Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall where she talked about what reading habits she was proud of. I really liked that post and… Continue reading Readings Habits: The Proud and Needs Improvement — An Inspired Post!

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Writer Wonders No 1

Hello, lovelies! So, I want to talk more about writing on my blog. I share a lot of personal writing updates and it usually is in the form of long rambling messes talking about how much my writing sucks or how amazing my writing is (heh), an update on completing a story or starting a… Continue reading Writer Wonders No 1

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Bookshelf Tour Part 5: Wrap-Up

Hello, everyone! As you may have been following along, the past few weeks, I've been highlighting my little personal library, since I loved seeing other bloggers do so and it was really fun. Four bookcases down and today is my final post--and it doesn't even include a bookcase! Instead, I'm going to highlight two more… Continue reading Bookshelf Tour Part 5: Wrap-Up