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Bookshelf Tour Part 5: Wrap-Up

Hello, everyone!

As you may have been following along, the past few weeks, I’ve been highlighting my little personal library, since I loved seeing other bloggers do so and it was really fun. Four bookcases down and today is my final post–and it doesn’t even include a bookcase!

Instead, I’m going to highlight two more areas: my curio collectibles and my writing space!


I didn’t get any close up pictures of these cabinets because I couldn’t figure out to do so without crappy reflections, so you get the wide view, instead!

But, the cabinet on the left are all of my really special LOTR collectibles: from my Nazgûl and Witch-King figurines (including the Eye of Sauron encased by a Nazgûl tea-light candle holder!) to my Smaug incense burner, my Argonath bookends to my status of Arwen and Frodo reading; I mean, I fucking love each and every one of those collectibles. And the fact that they fit an entire case and I’m completely out of room for more only means one thing: time for another cabinet. 😀

My second one consists of all my dragon figurines! I’ve loved dragons since I was kid. I was convinced they were real (and I mean, they are, so…) and wanted to go and find them, one day. My Mom always got me one dragon figurine every Christmas, after she realized it wasn’t just a “phase” and I’m really happy to finally have them all in the same space for the first time.


The final space I wanted to highlight is my writing space! I am so in love with it. When we moved into this duplex last summer, the room I picked to be “my” room (we got a three bedroom apartment and my boyfriend and I each decided we’d get one room to turn into whatever we wanted); came with this little nook, which was perfect for my writing desk! It also has a bunch of fun, nerdy knickknacks that I just adore.


On my top shelf, you got plenty of little figurines from How to Train Your Dragon, plus a photo from the man and I at RenFaire! Then, I have my Anastasia music box that I LOVE with all of my heart. My Dragonborn and Rocket (formally known as Dogmeat, but I call him Rocket) are some of my favorite nerdy collectibles. Plus, a dragon I got from Oxford when my Mom and I visited their castle and a fake plant, since I can’t ever keep any alive. 20200209_163100

Then on the side (sorry for the shite quality of photo, I didn’t realize how badly this turned out when I first took it and I can’t be bothered to make it better at this point, honestly), I have a few more things!

A Harry Potter music box, a dragon pen my Dad got me, a steampunk golden raven on a skull I got from WorldCon in 2015 and two cards from dear friends!

I also have a few craft books on writing I desperately need to read, plus a “Writer’s Block Jar” my best friend made me a long time ago of prompts to help me get out of a jam, whenever I couldn’t come up with what to write next (and when I was in the middle of a writing block). Ironically, I’ve never had to open it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it to pieces. And who knows, maybe I’ll open it up for fun, one day.

Oh, and then there is my nug plush, who I LOVE. NUGS FOR LIFE.

With that, you have completed the official tour of my personal library! 🙂 Thanks for joining me and offers so many kind comments. I’m really happy to be in a place where I finally have all of this in one space (throughout high school, college and a few years after, it was all spread in boxes across numerous spaces). Thanks for letting me use this space to show it off and staying kind and non-judgmental in the comments!

If you ever do a library or writing space tour, let me know or link it below, as I’d love to see it! Otherwise, I hope you all are doing as well as you can and staying as healthy as you can! post signature

9 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour Part 5: Wrap-Up”

  1. Nice collection and writing space. Can’t show mine unfortunately with the lockdown I’m having to use my ever messier dining room table.

  2. OOOH the Argonauth book ends *-* I covet those even more than the Evenstar haha. Last year I did a tour of my sister’s bookshelves (quite different from my own), but it’s been a few years since I toured my own shelves and they are different enough now that I might try a tour later in the year 🙂

    1. I know!! I found them randomly at WorldCon one year when I went and I spent the ENTIRE day debating whether I should buy them or not and I am SO glad that I did. 😛 Oooh, I would LOVE to see a tour of shelves! I think it’s so much fun and I’d be curious to see them, if you’re comfortable with it! 😀

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