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An Announcement: Social Media Hiatus

Hello, lovelies.

It may not come to much surprise that, right now, my mental health…isn’t exactly the greatest. Some days, I’m totally fine. I’m able to be productive, cross things off my To-Do list and I feel fine; good, even. Others, I take an hour long bath and then curl up in bed and cry for an hour because the world has just become too much; everything just feels too overwhelming. Whether it’s missing the ability to do certain things, reminiscing on canceled plans and trips and missed milestones or just coming to terms with the fact that this is going to be our reality for a while and we’re nowhere close to doing through this yet; it gets hard, sometimes.

Which is why I’m going on a social media break, for a little while.divider 3How is that connected? While I love social media because it connects me to a lot of people I love who aren’t close to me normally (and especially now, since I can’t see anyone physically) and I love Twitter in particular for the writing community, it’s also very easy to spiral when I’m on it. Facebook, too.

Whether it’s a reminder of how poorly our government has responded and being disgusted by the moron who somehow is still pretending to lead; or the rising death toll; or the prediction of how this will last for years, if not the rest of our lives; to seeing negative comments about weight gain; to experiencing ugly emotions like jealousy and guilt when I go onto a comparison binge with everything else…

Friends, it’s just…a lot.

So, I’m just going to step away for a bit and try to really focus on things that matter to me. I’m finally going to make a routine again (I resisted making a full-on routine when this first started, because I didn’t want to have to switch it up again after this was “over,” but that’s just foolish at this point and routines really help me). I’m going to try to use the time I usually spent aimlessly scrolling to read more. I’m going to try to write more consistently. I want to get into fitness again. I’m going to try and get outside more. Wake up earlier than five minutes before I need to log onto work. Just generally try and use my time for things that actually bring me pretty consistent joy?

I realize that this is a privilege, to be able to step back and away from the news and the media, because not everyone has that ability, even when they need it. But I also recognize that, for my own mental health, need it right now. And I hope you’re able to understand that. I will still read the daily Guardian updates, as I still want to stay informed about what is going on in the world. But limiting the hot takes and constant reminders on social media will help, too.

divider 1

I miss being able to just go out. I miss having weekends that look more different than the weekday, because I have something to look forward to. I miss seeing my family and friends. I miss traveling. Oh, do I miss traveling. I miss planning for the future and getting excited for what it brings.

I know much of this pandemic is out of my control. I know I can only do so much–and I’m doing everything I can to keep myself and others safe, from always wearing a mask whenever I leave the house, to only leaving the house whenever I absolutely must, to working remote and encouraging others to do all of these things and more, if they can. I won’t ever say this doesn’t suck.

It bloody does.

But, I’m going to try and reframe things a bit, in my mind. Remind myself that I’m getting back over an hour in commute time to use for whatever I want. I get to see my boyfriend always, when the first three years of dating, we only saw one another once a week, if that. I have the best pets. I still have both my jobs. I have the opportunity, with no social obligations for any foreseeable future, to really make progress on things that are important to me, but have gotten the back-burner, due to so many things. My writing. Reading the books I own. Creating a fitness routine. Learning a language. Enjoying nature. Learning how to be a better cook. Bake more.

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So, I’m going to try and make this as positive as possible, despite everything being really shitty right now. I’m not expecting a social media break to completely solve all of my problems, but I do hope it’ll help give my brain a reset, as I try to transition into this new way of thinking about how to live in the world we find ourselves in.

After this post goes live, I’m going to log off of Facebook, Twitter and Facebook Messenger. I’m going to delete those apps off my phone. You may still see updates on them, as I plan to still use Instagram to post pictures, since I really enjoy that. I may occasionally hop on (I know of a few things I definitely want to participate in, in the coming months on Twitter, and I definitely don’t want to miss them). And who knows, maybe I’ll find myself logging on after two days, this break not working at all. Please don’t call me out if that happens.

I have no idea when I’ll start using it regularly again. If you want to stay in touch (blogger pals and writer friends, I’m looking at you, in particular, because I’ll miss you!), then you can always use my contact form to email me! I’ll still be blogging, so you’ll definitely be able to reach out on this space. I’m also always a fan of old-fashioned letters.

Thanks for understanding, friends! I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. I hope you’re able to find a reason to smile each day and I hope you don’t lose your desire to fight injustice, to create new art or find new passions. We’ll get through this, together. I am confident in that. We just gotta remember to take care of ourselves in the meantime. ❤

Cheers.post signature

18 thoughts on “An Announcement: Social Media Hiatus”

  1. I’ve been struggling to articulate this daily frustration until I read this. If there’s one thing I’ve been doing too much of during lockdown, it’s spending too much time on social media and reading the news. One minute there’s people protesting in front of ice cream shops and gyms, the next minute there’s people storming state capitols with guns, then another embarrassing press conference, etc…

    It’s really not healthy to feel so angry and morose all the time, but it’s so easy to keep scrolling because we want to stay up to date. If anything, I think the FOMO has gotten worse for some of us. Staying connected is crucial but I agree, sometimes stepping away is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

    1. YES, exactly! I definitely realized that I was getting really fucking angry (and for very, very good reasons) and while I don’t want to just ignore these problems, at the same time, you can’t create change and continue to progress forward if you destroy yourself into the ground because you didn’t recognize when you needed to take a break, you know?

      But I also agree, it feels too important to not stay informed, so I’m definitely trying to still stay on top of things! But I also recognized that I needed to lessen that intake, because it was becoming too much. I hope you find a good balance, too!

  2. So proud of you, Nicole, and I really hope the social media hiatus helps. Routines sound like a great idea! And please don’t apologize for taking care of yourself. ❤ ❤ ❤ You're right that we are privileged to be able to step away… but I don't think anyone could wish suffering on those who have the ability to step back, even if they themselves do not have the luxury. I hope your routine helps bring some stabilizing normalcy back into your life. ❤

    Also, I miss traveling, too. I miss it SO MUCH. </3

    1. Aww, Amber, thank you SO MUCH. I’ve definitely felt some guilt this weekend for this choice and that I shouldn’t be able to just step away, but reading your words was like a soothing voice telling me it’s okay to take care of yourself. ❤ ❤

      RIGHT? I always have wanderlust, but just the fact that I can't do it no matter what is just gutting.

      1. I am exactly the same. I’ve been seriously struggling with the guilt missing travel this year especially because we had a bunch of exciting trips planned we’ve been looking forward to for a long time… and the guilt of knowing how privileged I am to be able to travel and that I’m giving residence to that guilt despite the many many worse things in the world right now. 💔 But we all need to take care of ourselves and we all struggle in different ways and self-care remains important to each of us, no matter who we are. 💕 Take care!!!

      2. Yes, exactly! I had two trips planned this year and one for July is most definitely getting canceled and then one in October is most likely to, as well, and it’s just such a bummer. I think it is totally okay to miss and be bummed about these experiences, though!! And I hope you’re taking care of yourself as well and staying safe. ❤ We'll get to travel again, I know it!!

  3. This is such a responsible approach to Everything Right Now. You are doing what you need to do in order to protect your mental health and honestly that’s both very important and very hard to do right now.

    I’ve been really struggling with social media as well, particularly twitter — I just can’t seem to filter it in a way where I still talk to the people I care about but don’t get a constant barrage of awful news. So I’m only checking in there very infrequently and am thinking about stepping back entirely.

    I love your posts though so I’m glad you’ll still be doing them! I guess I’ll just be about in the comments when I feel able to, but I read most of them. ^_^

    Take care and don’t feel bad if you can’t do as much right now. I sure as hell can’t.

    1. Aw, Victoria, thank you so much. ❤ ❤ I'm so sorry that social media is hard for you right now, too (though, it prolly is for all of us, truth be told). You're right, part of me is bummed because I'm going to miss the updates of those I care about and miss talking with people, but I just can't find a way to filter to where I just get those updates, instead of being completely bombarded with the gloom and the grim reality we find ourselves in.

      I hope you're taking care of yourself, too, and I'm SO glad I'll still find you in the comments. I love talking with you!

  4. I understand how you feel. I installed a filter (Social Fixer) for Facebook to hide any posts with certain political or pandemic related keywords because seeing it all the time was getting me down. I’ve gone from checking the news 4 or 5 times a day to every other day (It was daily, but after a while I realised I wasn’t missing much). I still want to know what’s going on, but the amount of fake news floating around is ridiculous!

    I hope the break is a refreshing one 🙂

    1. I totally understand how you feel and agree 100%! It has definitely been really refreshing, though surprising how much I miss it or can tell I was addicted to it before. I’m hoping this will help lower my general usage of it!

  5. I’m sooooo many days behind on blog reading and just seeing this. Do what you need to do to stay healthy! We will be here when/if you decide to come back. And your blogger buds still know where to find you. I’ll be looking forward to your updates on books, life, health, or whatever!

    1. Aww, Jason, you’re the literal best, you know that! I think I might venture back into the social media world on June 1st, after a nice half-month off. But it’s so nice to hear that, so thank you. ❤

  6. So true, well written 💯Shared some new blogs on numerous topics I thought about during this lockdown, would be glad if you check them out and share your feedback ✨

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