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Bookish Breakdown No 19: July 2020

Hello, lovelies!

Well, July was…something.

It continues to be dumpster fire after dumpster fire, which can be really overwhelming, at times. I’m trying to keep my head up, but, not going to lie: it’s been a bit of a struggle, especially given everything going on in the world currently (and especially America). I’m trying to be thankful for the “little things” that sometimes get overlooked, like good books, my dog smiling or a perfect rainy day. Some days, it’s enough. Others, all we can do is promise to try again tomorrow.

My job announced that my department is allowed to work remote the rest of the year, despite our university opening up for in-person classes starting on the 24th of August. I don’t agree with them reopening, at all, and am waiting to see it completely backfire. Which is, kinda terrifying, like watching a train about to crash, yet no one in it seems to want to notice the wall they are rushing towards–and I was almost forced on that train, even though I saw the wall, just to keep an income.


So, I’m grateful for that. I’m excited to build a good routine. I’ll probably invest in a better office chair and hopefully a table for outside, so many I can sneak outside and work, when the weather is nice. My partner is still job searching, so we’re hoping he finds something soon, so that stress is taken away. My dog is still recovering from a hot spot and I am peeling from some pretty bad sunburns, after taking her swimming last weekend.

It’s just…a weird time. I’m hoping next month, I can focus more on writing and reading and focusing on the good things, even amidst the fires.

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What I Read


A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers [Review]
Velocity Weapon by Megan O’Keefe [RTC]

What I Hauled


**Nothing this month!**

Library Snags:

**Nothing this month**


  • A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers
  • Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers
  • How to be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi

Received for Review:

**Nothing this month**


**Nothing this month**

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What I Posted

In this section, I like to share posts that I personally wrote this past month that I either really enjoyed writing, am really proud of or wish might have gotten a little more attention.

🏰 2020 Book Blogger Awards Nominations!
🏰 Allyship Check-In: No 5
🏰 Novels and Narratives: No 1

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Reading Challenges Update

A new section I decided to add this year, so I can actually keep track of the challenges I signed up for (so I’ll hopefully actually complete them this time around).

2020 Discussion Challenge: 3/12 Discussion Posts

Still haven’t made any additional progress on these this month, BUT, I have a good sneaking suspicion that is going to change next month. *stay tuned*

Year of the Asian Readathon: 1/20



StartonYourShelfathon: 9/143 (4/67 ARCs)

Black Lives Matter Reading Bingo: 0/10

Goodreads: 21/150

*cries in reading slump*

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Intentions Update

Another new section! To try and hold myself accountable, I’ll be sharing where I’m at on the goals I’ve made for myself this year, all of which I detailed in this post.

Write two novels, edit one and write for me ✔️

While I don’t think I’ll get through all of those goals by the end of the year, I am really enjoying my progress for BLOOD PRICE and proud that I am writing more consistently!

Productive Routine That Promotes Self-Care ✖️

Now that I know more about how my life is going to be, day job wise, for the rest of the year, I am hoping a routine will follow!

Six Clients ✔️




Cook New Recipes ✖️

Didn’t think about this too much.

Cherish Connections and Friendships More ✖️

I’ve been a bit more of a hermit recently. I really need to get better at reaching out to people!

Less Social Media ✖️


Finish Home Projects ✖️

*sighs harder*

Wear My Style More ✖️

Still really struggling with this and the whole body image thing. Bleh.

Take More Pictures ✖️

*thumbs down*

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Posts I Enjoyed

Curious what blog posts I really enjoyed around the blogsophere this month? Check them out here:

⚔️  Shri @ Sun and Chai shares a really important discussion on accountability and the author/reviewer/reader relationship I think we should all read and be aware of!

⚔️ The Quiet Pond, as part of their Pride Month blog series, shares a really important piece by author Nina Varela that each of us should read, but especially reviewers, when it comes to how you read and respond to queer books by queer BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)!

⚔️ The Fantasy Hive hosted #WomenInSFF for July and I hope you found some new authors to support, as well as took some time to read some female authors this month.

⚔️ Kathy @ Pages Below a Vaulted Sky shares an AMAZING Tarot Black Lives Matter Reading Bingo Challenge and I am HERE for this and totally going to jump in.

⚔️ Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books writes about the importance of normalizing using trigger (content) warnings in your reviews and it’s so important to read. I, myself, am working on trying to work these more normally into my reviews, as well, though I know I can do much better!

⚔️ Xandra @ Starry Sky Books shares tips on how to edit digital book covers for Bookstagram. I personally don’t use Bookstagram, but this was too neat and helpful not to share!

⚔️ M.A. Crosbie @ Muse in Pocket, Pen in Hands wrote such a neat poem based off our writing prompt for this month and I, for one, am a very big fan.

⚔️ Rukky @ Eternity Books shares a truly amazing post about reader and blogger responsibilities and I connected with this one a lot, so I definitely have a lot of work to do myself.

⚔️ May @ Forever and Everly discuses reasons why she loves book bloggers and how to support that and I applaud this post with every fiber of my being!

⚔️ Beth @ Just B More shares an introduction to environmental racism that we should all be educating ourselves about, especially if this is the first time you’ve ever heard about that.

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Sorry there’s not as much commentary on this post, friends! Hopefully more next month. ❤ signature

9 thoughts on “Bookish Breakdown No 19: July 2020”

  1. Love all of this, so many great blog posts and recommendations! And thank you for including me!!!! Also that’s good your department is letting you work from home!! I know you’ll get into your own routine soon and things will work out ❤

  2. I think you need to be kinder to yourself with your goals. We had a phone call! That counts my friend!

    Btw, I really love all you do for the writing and reading community. You showcase so many great people, I’ve found some real great posts, bloods and people through you. (Thanks for the mention of my own piece. 💕)

    Can’t wait to see this up coming discussion post you teased.

    1. Ah, that is so true (damn that black and white thinking again). I definitely do need to work on being kinder to myself, for sure.

      Aww, thank you *so* much. There are just so many wonderful people (and bloggers, especially) that I want to support, if I can! And you’ve been KILLING it with your blogs lately, to the point where I can’t *not* share them. They are so good!! ❤

      Stay tuned for Friday! 😀

  3. I’m happy to know you’re allowed to work remotely for a little longer, that’s good! I’m sending you all the love and positive vibes. Taking it day by day and loving the little things really help in these times. ❤
    I also need to get better at reaching out to people, you're not alone🙈 I hope August will be kind to you, take care of yourself ❤

    1. I am very relieved by it! I just think the university setting isn’t the safest place to be in-person, during a pandemic! I’m sending you positive vibes and kind days, as well! ❤ ❤

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