Freelance Editing 1 Year Anniversary!

Hello, lovelies!

I hope you’re all doing well and hanging in there. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind over here in my corner of the world. My day job is off-the-walls hectic right now, to the point where I didn’t even get to write/post this as I planned to, yesterday. But, I was so excited about this anniversary that I still wanted to make sure this got posted, even if it’s a “day” later than my normal posting schedule.

But, as of August 1st, I’ve been freelance editing for a year here at Thoughts Stained With Ink!

*throws celebratory balloons*

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Friends, it has been such an honor to start on this journey with you! Huge shout out to Laura Hughes for giving me the courage to start in the first place and then offering so much advice since (not to mention most of my clients came from her referrals, so I’m basically indebted to Laura for life ❤ . Speaking of which, did you know Laura writes books?! You should totally go and support her by buying her latest release and then leaving a review afterwards).

It’s been such a wonderful adventure to freelance edit. Obvious and awkward truth, but the extra money has been really helpful and needed, especially since my boyfriend has been out of work due to the pandemic and credit cards and student loans don’t pay off themselves. But not only that, but I’ve worked with some truly amazing writers and it’s an even greater payoff to see their stories grow and experience that light bulb moment click when we figure out how to elevate strong writing and amazing narratives to the next level together!

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So, if you’ve worked with me in the past year, thank you so much. It really means the world that you’ve trusted me with your story. ❤

I’m excited for the start of year two of freelance editing! While I’m not nearly established enough to be able to do this full-time, I do hope to continue to grow my client base, reach more authors and elevate more stories, alongside continuing to improve my own skills and craft.

Some goals I have for the upcoming year:

  • Find classes and workshops to take to continue to learn more about all types of editing
  • Book at least 12 clients (or 1-client a month) for 2021
  • Find more sci-fi and romance authors to work with (though don’t leave me hanging, fantasy fam!)
  • Become better at marketing (mostly without feeling guilty)
  • Discover if there are any services in demand that I’m missing and see if I can meet that demand

To help celebrate my business turning 1 years old, I’m doing an editing special! Anyone who books during the month of August will get 10% off their edit, regardless of what kind of edit you choose or for when your actual editing will take place (including if it’s next year). I wanted to do this as a way to say thanks for allowing me to live out a dream of being an editor, even if I can’t do it full-time like I’ve always wanted to.

You can learn more about my editing and contact me to book here.

Here’s to another year of discovering amazing stories and new friendships along the way!

Cheers.post signature


9 thoughts on “Freelance Editing 1 Year Anniversary!”

  1. Brilliant stuff Nicole! Good luck with year two. 😊 I’ve found Louise Harnby’s website extremely useful for advice while planning to set up my proofreading business. She primarily works as a fiction editor so there might be some great resources there for you too!

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