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Books I Really Want To Read Before 2021

Hello, lovelies!

I know this is a really ironic post to write after admitting in my change in reading habits post, where I admitted that 1-4 books is pretty much my new norm of what I’m going to be able to read each month. So, by that math, considering I’ll have three books done this month (at least, I hope so) that aren’t on this list and two months to go, I’d only have 8 books that can fit this list, and yet, this book is much bigger than 8…

But, fuck it. In a dream world where I could do everything and have unlimited time, the following books are the ones I’d hope to read before 2021 (yet, fully knowing I probably won’t even read half of them). So many, that I’m even going to break them up into categories.

Orbit Books

Everyone knows Orbit is my favorite publisher (I mean, c’mon, I have an entire bookshelf this is completely dedicated to only Orbit books) and the books down below include the start of a few series I’m stoked about and the continuation one of that is mind-blowing to me and incredible.

The Bone Ships by R.J. Parker: R.J.’s first series completely floored me and blew my mind, so when this was announced, I was STOKED. Cue not reading it yet because I’m the literal worst and now the cover reveal for the sequel reminded me of this fact and GAH.

Chaos Vector by Megan O’Keefe: The continuation of the series I mentioned above. I’ve loved everything Megan’s written so far and I doubt this will be the exception.

Jade City and Jade War by Fonda Lee: The announcement of the TV series has only gotten me more interested in this series and some recent fanart also has me πŸ‘€.

The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter: African-inspired fantasy that’s gotten nothing but rave reviews, as far as I’ve seen? SIGN ME UP.

Norphex Gloss by Essa Hansen: Favorite agent represents this author, so I was already planning to read whatever she published. Then, when ORBIT picked it up? Sold.

Continuing Series

I am the absolute WORST at starting a series and then continuing it in any sort of timely manner. Pair this with my inability to remember anything, apparently, and it’s never a good sign to let a series linger too long unread. Here are a few I hope to continue (and one complete!), to help lessen that issue at least a little bit.

The Dragon Republic and The Burning God by R.F. Kuang: I still haven’t fully recovered from The Poppy War, if I’m being honest. But, why stop now?

A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers: I think A Long Way to A Small, Angry Planet might be one of my favorite reads ever. I am trying really hard no to just binge read the rest of what she’s written, because I’m not ready for there to be nothing else.

You Only Love Twice by Bec McMaster: McMaster is my favorite romance author, hands down, and I definitely need more romance in my life. Another author who, once I start reading this book, I might not be able to stop as the series continues…

Whispers of Shadow and Flame by L. Penelope: The first book in this series was SO GOOD and I am positively stoked for the second one!

Self-Published Beauts

Remember my post about all the books I was going to read during Self-Published Fantasy Book Month last month? Remember how I only read two? Oops.

Portents of Chaos by K.C. Julius: I haven’t even moved this from my TBR cart and back onto my bookshelf. THAT is how determined I am to read this book this year!

Solace Lost by Mike Sliter: It’s gonna happen. It’s gotta.

Banebringer by Carol A. Park: Since she started working on the third novel recently, I really need to get my butt in gear and catch up on the first two…

Priestess of Ishana by Judith Starkston: I just really want to read this one, fam.


How to be an Anti-Racist by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi: I want to start reading anti-racist works regularly and this book is definitely where I want to start!

Taking Charge of your Fertility by Dr. Toni Weschler: Not to go too TMI on everyone, but I switched from an IUD to the FAM method and am using this book to help learn about my own fertility and hopefully better manage my endometriosis!

The Period Repair Manual by Dr. Lara Briden: Same as above!

So, if I did my math right, that’s….18 books, in two months? When I’ve read 26 in the past 10? *laughs until she cries*

I know I won’t get to all of these, but I am excited for what’s hopefully on the horizon (while acknowledging that I’m a huge mood reader, so there is a very god chance I’ll be reading something else completely!). What’s on your dream list of books you hope to read by the end of the year? Let me know in the comments or drop the link to your post, if you decide to write one yourself!


13 thoughts on “Books I Really Want To Read Before 2021”

  1. Book math can be a source of anxiety and inspiration in equal parts. I took a peek at my numbers recently, and I could potentially hit a 100 books in a year – which would be a first for me. But that excitement quickly turned to pressure! Funny how that works. You have a great list of books that you seem really excited to read. I hope you stay kind to yourself and enjoy the process.

  2. I highly recommend Jade City! It’s been one of my favorite reads of the last few years. I’m not letting myself read The Bone Ships until I read R.J. Barker’s other series, owing to the fact that I bought the full trilogy all ready….

  3. I love Orbit too. πŸ™‚ I hear you about series and not remembering! It’s so frustrating. Lately, I’ve been enjoying reading complete series as a whole, one book after another, but for some favorites, there’s no choice but to wait for the next to come out and hope I remember what happened before.

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