Book Rating System

Hello, dear readers!

Have you ever read one of my reviews and wondered, “Hey, she rated this as a three star read. Does that mean she hated it or does she recommend it to every fantasy lover she comes across”?

Well, wonder no more.

Here’s a break down of my rating system, where I keep with the fantasy theme of my blog and use gems instead of stars to rate my books! All graphics designed by the incredibly talented Kat @ Novels and Waffles, who also did the rest of the designing and art found on my blog, so if you’re ever looking for someone to help make your dream blog design your reality, Kat’s your person.

1 Gem: Not Worth the Adventure

There’s a lot of reasons a book with this rating might not have been for me. It could have been riddled with typos and poorly formatted. It could be a boring story, characters I don’t connect with and a plot that I’m not emotionally invested in. It could be that it covers subject matter that I’m just not interested in and doesn’t appeal to me personally.

Regardless of the reason, it’s a book I either DNF or regretted reading in it’s entirety.

1 star

2 Gems: Arrow In the Knee

I mean, it’s not that it’s the worst book I’ve ever read. Something captivated me, whether it’s a hero to root for, the story was intriguing or a twist at the end that truly shocked me into being just impressed. But while I didn’t completely hate the book, I found more that I disliked about it than what I truly liked.

I might have DNFed it, but I wasn’t thrilled by it if I read it in it’s entirety. May recommend it, but eh, that’s pushing it?

2 stars

3 Gems: Spotted a Dragon, But Still Sleeping on Tree Roots

This is one that I enjoyed. I didn’t regret reading the book. I had fun reading it, it was well written, without typos and formatting issues and the characters and the story were enticing. Did I fall completely in love with it? No. Will I probably read more by this author or continue the series? Absolutely!

Finished it, liked it, will recommend it if I think someone will like it better than me.

3 stars

4 Gems: Kicked Over Three Mugs Singing in the Tavern About This

I mean, I loved this book. I was emotionally invested in these characters, the plot was engaging, the writing enticing and I have definitely shouted about this book on social media and in person at least half a dozen times. If it’s the first book by an author that I’ve read, it most certainly won’t be the last.

Finished it, loved it and you definitely know it.

4 stars

5 Gems: Scored the treasure, rescued myself and it didn’t rain once

I would die for this book.

I mean, pretty much.

I LOVED it. I felt more from reading this book than I usually do living my day-to-day. These characters are as real as friends. I have opinions about it and my review is prolly filled with cursing and ALL CAPS gushing in attempts to express those opinions. Five star authors go up to my favorite-of-all-time list and I will read anything they publish.

DEVOURED it, adored it and have shouted at you to read it at least 100 times.

5 stars

So, that’s my rating system! Hopefully it helps clear up some of my distinctions on how I rate and what those scales are. If you ever have a question about a rating, please, never hesitate to ask!

Happy Reading!

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