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A Little Appreciation

Hello, lovelies. Being sick last week with an illness that I'm still not 100% sure what it was, what caused it or why it suddenly went away, definitely takes a toll on you. Being unable to do anything but lie down and sleep for a week straight definitely makes you wish you could do anything but that.… Continue reading A Little Appreciation

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All Praise The Beta Reader

...for without them, my books would be nothing and any reviews after their publication would just point to all errors these wonderful darlings spent so much time helping me realize needed to be addressed. Hi, hello, how are you? So, I've been slowly working through the glorious amounts of feedback from my roughly ten beta… Continue reading All Praise The Beta Reader

Random Musings

The Mind Trap of Advertising Commercial Holidays: Valentine’s Day Edition

Hello, dear readers! It's Valentine's Day! Or, for most of my life, I stubbornly referred to it as Single Awareness Day (and honestly, it still is), because I wasn't lucky enough to be in a relationship and have something to celebrate. I was basically this lovey-dovey holiday's Scrooge. It wasn't until I got a little… Continue reading The Mind Trap of Advertising Commercial Holidays: Valentine’s Day Edition

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That Life + Work Balance

Hello, dear readers! This year, my main focus is balance, an aspect that's only consistent when looking at all the areas in my life upon which I struggle to maintain it (hint: it's all of them). So I know it's a hefty task to work on, but it's an area I definitely want (and need)… Continue reading That Life + Work Balance

Random Musings

Putting My Own Health First

Hello, dear readers! As I promised in my last weekly update post, I wanted to expand a little bit more on how my goal went to actually start working out again went last week. You see, I was doing really well, making working out a part of my lifestyle, until roughly last September/October. I fell… Continue reading Putting My Own Health First

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My Fears With Kingdom Hearts III

Hello, dear readers! I hope you're doing well on this (for me, anyway) frigid Thursday. And I may warm it up a bit by bringing in a little heat, a little controversy, to my blog topic today, by talking about my fears when it comes to Kingdom Hearts III. Namely, why I'm hesitant to be excited… Continue reading My Fears With Kingdom Hearts III

Random Musings

Pressure, Time and Focus: Messing Up in Trifecta

Hello, dear readers! Apparently I'm on a kick, because I want to write more about pressure today. I wrote about it in terms of some financial aspects of writing last week, but over the weekend, I realized that over the course of last year, I unconsciously placed a lot of pressure upon myself that was… Continue reading Pressure, Time and Focus: Messing Up in Trifecta