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An Unexpected Rant

Hello, lovelies! So, some of you may know, from all the hinting that has been going on (not very subtly) on this blog, usually during my weekly updates these past few months that have been absent pretty much all summer I am so sorry, that something pretty awesome and incredible and life-changing happened on June 29th.… Continue reading An Unexpected Rant

Random Musings

Well, I’m Back

Well, hello there, lovelies. Goodness gracious, it's been a minute. And by a minute, I mean over two weeks. Two weeks without social media, without reading a single page, blog hopping or writing a post, editing my novel...none of it. Yet a lot of life changes happened in those two weeks and I promised to… Continue reading Well, I’m Back

Random Musings

Warlord: Ironstone Saga Release Hype!

Hello there, lovelies! Let's start off with a story, shall we? I was lucky enough to participate as a late-addition judge for SPFBO 4 last year, as many of you know. In doing so, I read 15 books out of our group's 30 book "slush pile," with the goal to pick one to push forward… Continue reading Warlord: Ironstone Saga Release Hype!

Random Musings

Anonymity and Social Media: The Creative’s Bane

Hey there, lovelies. Last weekend, I posted on my social media accounts about how I feel in regards to the new abortions laws my country is attempting to pass; how I consider them abysmal, inhumane, absurd and as a blatant and obvious example of the government's desire and need to control women. The responses I… Continue reading Anonymity and Social Media: The Creative’s Bane

Random Musings

Punching Limbo In The Throat

Hey there, lovelies. You know how, last week, I wrote a post called Stuck in Limbo, which got super emotional super quickly? Well, I'm about to do it again, so...yay? Of course, I've been thinking a lot about that post; about blatantly admitting and confessing my mental health is not good; how I've warped my worth so badly into… Continue reading Punching Limbo In The Throat

Random Musings

A Little Appreciation

Hello, lovelies. Being sick last week with an illness that I'm still not 100% sure what it was, what caused it or why it suddenly went away, definitely takes a toll on you. Being unable to do anything but lie down and sleep for a week straight definitely makes you wish you could do anything but that.… Continue reading A Little Appreciation

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All Praise The Beta Reader

...for without them, my books would be nothing and any reviews after their publication would just point to all errors these wonderful darlings spent so much time helping me realize needed to be addressed. Hi, hello, how are you? So, I've been slowly working through the glorious amounts of feedback from my roughly ten beta… Continue reading All Praise The Beta Reader