Novels and Narrations No 5

Hello, lovelies!

Thanks for tuning into another installment of Novels and Narrations, where I interview myself (*shrugs* it works) about how my writing is going, what progress I’ve made in the past month and how things are going!

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Did you participate in NaNoWriMo!?

I thought about it, but I ended up not doing it, unfortunately. While I could have definitely jumped into the fantasy romance I want to work on next, I definitely want to continue working on BLOOD PRICE, and I don’t like to jump between projects (is that weird? Perhaps that’s weird, I dunno; prolly the completionist in me). I hope to try and time things out so I can start a new book next NaNo, though (I keep finding myself in the editing phase around the second of the year, for some reason).

Makes sense. Did you get your edits back!?

I DID. Jeni is amazing. Her edit letter was so positive and I felt so supported, even though there was plenty of criticism to consider. I have a few characters to flesh out more, a timeline to really make clear, amp up the setting, rewrite the beginning and do another check to make sure the inclusivity I want in this world really translates well on the page.

So, how go the edits!

I…haven’t started yet.

*deadpan stare*

I know, I know. I’ve needed to do a little bit of background research, as I need to make sure the Nordic inspirations come through a little clearer, as well as confirm some things about my timeline. But, I also know that I haven’t worked on it as much as I should have, as I definitely could have started on edits by now. That’s something I want to work on in 2021 (making writing a priority again), but I hope to start that trend in December, as I want to really make good headway into this draft!

So, what do you need to do in order to make it a priority again?

Well, I think I need to solidify my routine. I haven’t really figured out a good routine since the pandemic hit (which is completely understandable), but I also know that I’m the type of person who needs a routine, so I need to figure that out. But also just allowing myself to not do X, Y and Z, and instead giving myself permission to put my writing first, will go a long way.

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This was definitely a shorter post (which happens when you haven’t been writing, so it’s hard to give updates on anything, oops), but I hope it was still enjoyable! I hope to have much more to update on in the next post, as I am GETTING into edits, imposter syndrome and lack of time and bad planning be damned!