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Thanks for stopping by. It’s always lovely to hear from people, whether you just wanted to gush–or rant–about a book I just reviewed (but more in-depth than in the comments section), want to set up an interview/guest post or want to discuss the possibility of me reviewing your book, you’ve come to the right place to get in touch! If you are interested in securing a review, here’s a few tidbits about my process:

  • I always review my honest opinion.
  • If it’s an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC), I’ll do my best to get it read by the date of publication–or earlier/later, depending on what works best for you.
  • I will occasionally read online copies, i.e., PDFs, but I am truly a luddite in the sense that I prefer to read print copies.
  • I always cross post my reviews at Goodreads.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to talk to me about my books, ask for an interview or have a response over a post that you didn’t want to share in the comments section, please feel free to reach out to me using the form below and I’ll get back to you as quick as I can!

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