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As a stubborn writer and an avid reader (and all-around hopeless nerd), my passion for storytelling knows no bounds. It’s a dream of mine to be able to help others shape their stories to reach their own dreams and goals they’ve set for themselves through my editing expertise, while also forging connections and a support system for writers on their authorial journey.

Welcome to editing with Thoughts Stained With Ink.

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Who I Am

I am a science fiction and fantasy writer who has been writing novels for over a decade. While none of my novels are published (yet), with seven novels under my belt, I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to writing, and have honed a sharp editorial eye.

On top of that, I’ve also interned for two different literary agents, most recently the incredible Naomi Davis, so I’m very familiar with traditional publishing and how to gauge what’s working in your manuscript. But I’m no stranger to the self-publishing realm, either! Through assisting on an editing project with freelance editor Sione Aeschliman, beta reading for dozens of authors and my involvement with both ShoreIndie and SPFBO, I have both a ton of editing experience and my roots are dug deep in the writing community.

I don’t intend to just level up your story, but to become a cheerleader, support system and, hopefully, a friend, in the process.

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What I Work On 

I specialize in adult fantasy and (light) science fiction, as well as select adult romance (regency, steampunk and fantasy romances, specifically).

Services and Rates

Proofreading: This is a basic, single read through edit, where I’ll go through line-by-line and search for any sneaky, lingering mistakes that might remain. This includes:

  • Typos
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation Errors
  • Missing Words
  • Minor Formatting Issues

This is meant as a last line of defense, as you feel your manuscript is already really strong, but want someone to complete a final pass, first. Rate: $0.005 per word

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Line Edit: Slightly more in-depth, but still meant for manuscripts closer to completion than early, developing drafts, this is a single read through edit. Here, I focus on the way the story is told, with the goal of elevating your storytelling so that readers don’t get caught up in stylistic errors. This includes:

  • Repetition (both in information delivered and word choice)
  • Consistency Checks
  • Tightening Exposition and Narrative
  • Double-checking Dialogue
  • Word Choice Selection

This is for writers who have done a few rounds of revision, but want to fine-tune it, before sending it off to query or prepping it for self-publishing. Rate: $0.010 per word

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Developmental Edit: This is an in-depth critique. It includes one read through and takes into account the overarching story and goals, instead of the more focused elements listed above. I’ll go through and read your manuscript once, highlighting a few main areas, including:

  • Stakes
  • Character Motivation
  • Pacing
  • Plot
  • Dialogue
  • POV and Tense

Then, I’ll send the manuscript off to you to edit, with an edit letter detailing my overarching thoughts, plus in-manuscript “live edits” (comments I made as I read). This is the edit you want to do if you are still in the earlier stages of your manuscript—though, I do recommend you’ve done at least one round of edits after finishing your first draft, before beginning this stage. Rate: $0.015 per word

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Reread: If you’ve worked with me before, particularly with a developmental edit (but open to all edit types) and would like for me to read your edited manuscript, this option is for you! It includes one read through with a marked up manuscript and email summary of my thoughts and advice going forward. Rate: $0.008 per word

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Query Letters: This is a single read-through mark up of your query letter, where I’ll help you write a concise letter that includes: stakes, main character and what’s stopping them from achieving their goal, while also double checking you have your genre, target audience, word count, COMPS (if applicable) included.

You have two options of payment: $25 OR a book(s) purchased off my bookish wish list (which I will send to you), equal to or totaling the same value (plus shipping and handling to America). 

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Synopsis: This is a single read through mark up of your synopsis, where I’ll double check your formatting (for example, ensuring character names are written in ALL CAPS and it’s written in the present tense), as well as point out questions, inconsistencies and areas you could tighten up your summary.

You have two options of payment: $30 OR a book(s) purchased off my bookish wish list (which I will send to you), equal to or totaling the same value (plus shipping and handling to America).

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Extra Info

  • All authors are required to sign an editing contract before edits begin, with a 20% down payment due at that time. The rest of the amount will be due in full upon the completion of edits, via PayPal. Once the payment is received, I will deliver your edits to you!
    • For query letter and synopsis edits, no contract is required. Simply shoot me an email and we will get to work on this! Payment will be due in full upon completion (if books are purchased, a receipt and a shipping tracking number will be due upon completion).
    • If you really want to work with me and money is tight, we can discuss different potential payment plan options! Please just make a note in your initial inquiry!
  • I use Google Docs, making in-manuscript edits with the “suggesting” feature, so all changes, edits and comments appear in green. If you truly prefer Word, I can also work with that!
  • I’ll complete freelance work during the week, M-F (and we’ll have a turnaround time frame sorted in the contract). Saturdays and Sundays, I’ll take off from working and social media (including emails) but will respond on the following Monday! I’ll respond to emails within a week of receiving them (but usually have a 48 hour email response time).
  • SPFBO participants receive 10% off their first edit!
  • Don’t see something you need listed in my services? Let me know and I’d to happy to work out a custom plan just for you and your manuscript!

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Literary Agent Naomi Davis: Nicole Evans has a sharp eye for developmental issues in manuscripts that are hard for the author – who is so close to the text – to identify. With a knack for finding weak spots in pacing and under-developed or inconsistent character traits, Nicole’s feedback always helped me provide strong editorial guidance to my clients. During her time as an intern with me, I relied on her expertise in her favorite genres to show me ways a book could be just a little bit stronger, giving a story that extra edge needed in a very competitive market. Nicole also learned at a rapid pace throughout her internship with me, integrating many of my own editorial strategies into her own arsenal of critical skills, such as gauging whether the book opens in exactly the right place, or whether the climaxes need a little something extra, and identifying repetitive writing habits that disrupt a reader’s seamless experience. I highly recommend her developmental services for writers preparing to query agents, submit directly to presses, or self-publish their books.

Melissa Caruso, Swords and Fire Author: Nicole gave me great feedback on my first two published books! Her keen eye caught details I’d missed, and she suggested a new scene that wound up being a crucial character moment for the book’s most important relationship. She’s supportive and positive without letting you off the hook.

Philip Ridgers, Writer and Accompanist: Nicole chooses her feedback with warmth and precision. She gives plenty of encouragement, while staying true to her aim of strengthening the writing. Her notes on my manuscript showed me what worked, and opened my eyes to flaws I never would have seen otherwise. My writing skills improved thanks to her, and I highly recommend her services!

Soraya Corcoran, Writer and Cartographer: Honesty is the first and most important trait I want in a editor. Nicole pulled my manuscript apart, giving me honest feedback and laying out problems I could not see before–both with line comments and an organized edit letter. She was both professional and kind, and even though there was a lot of critique, I didn’t feel like a crappy writer afterward. She pushed me to take my story to the next level and it’s better than ever thanks to her.

Meredith Crosbie, Writer and Art Historian: If you are reading this, you should hire Nicole NOW. She read my novel twice and her comments were so insightful they not only made my manuscript better, they made me a better writer. She offered constructive criticism and enthusiastic encouragement in equal measure, and she really cared about the story and my characters. She’s professional, fast, funny, SO smart, and one of the most well-read people I’ve ever known. I feel privileged that she read my work, and that I get to call her my friend. Trust Nicole with your work, you won’t regret it.

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Contact Me

Want to work with me? Fill out the form below and let’s start chatting!

In your email, please introduce yourself and tell me about your manuscript and your vision for it: what goals do you have, what path to publication you plan to pursue and what work have you done so far in your novel, as well as what service you’re interested in. We’ll start a dialogue and see if we’re the right fit! This includes sending me 10 pages of your work for me to do a sample edit of your novel, so you can see my style and decide if that’s for you (and, I can get a taste for your novel and decide if it is something I’d like to work on). If not, I’ll reply with a list of other freelance editors I think might better suit!

Thank you so much for considering me as your editor! I’m excited to fall in love with your story and work with you!post signature