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Let’s Do That Again

Hello, dear readers! As you might have surmised, last weekend was my birthday! It was a really lovely one; perhaps one of the better ones I've had since planned birthday parties stopped being a thing, like when I was a kid. It wasn't due to the wonderful and generous presents I received from family or… Continue reading Let’s Do That Again

Reading Outlook

Those Things You Learn

Hello, friends. Damn, it's been a while. I wasn't planning on being offline as much as I was. Granted, I was planning on not being online at all during my vacation--such is the life when you choose not to have social media on your phone and you don't take your laptop with you. That, I did plan.… Continue reading Those Things You Learn

Random Musings

Reflections of the Past

I experienced an interesting juxtaposition over the past few days, inspired by celebrating Thanksgiving. I've always had this quirk where, on Thanksgiving and Christmas every year--usually during the commute to whomever is hosting that year--I go through all the contacts in my phone. I reach out to those old friends and admired acquaintances and wish… Continue reading Reflections of the Past

Random Musings

Another Rant On Adulting

Let me start off by saying I'm really freakin' lucky. I have a good job (that's now full-time *throws balloons*). I have a reliable car. A cute apartment. I can afford groceries, utilities and Internet. I have good health and am in a pretty good mental state. For the most part, I'm completely independent when… Continue reading Another Rant On Adulting

Random Musings

Non-Existent Eggshells

(Tangent before the post even begins: I totally want to use that as a title, for something. So I call dibs.) I've been realizing lately that I do those closest to me the absolute greatest disservice by treating them like eggshells to be tiptoed around. This is especially ridiculous because they don't deserve any such treatment… Continue reading Non-Existent Eggshells

Random Musings

“The Real World”

I saved this blog post as an empty draft almost a year ago, after I got accepted as a part-time supervisor at the library I currently work at. I never got around to writing it, yet the things I wanted to talk about are still as poignant a year later, so here we go. I… Continue reading “The Real World”

Writing Posts

Weighing Importance

I've been doing a lot of adulting lately. Which, strangely enough, actually looks very similar to panicking: the increased heartbeat, the sweaty palms, the tears threatening to fall past your eyelids. The shrinking bank account. Moving out and living on my own in a kickass apartment is fantastic, but the bills that have followed are… Continue reading Weighing Importance

Random Musings, Writing Posts

The Balancing Act Called Life (Or: I Still Have A Lot To Learn)

It's been a while. Goodness, has it been a while. I've missed writing on my personal blog a lot. I don't even think it has been that terribly long, but I do know that when I log on, I open WordPress, check any notifications and then close right back out of it for enough consecutive days that it's… Continue reading The Balancing Act Called Life (Or: I Still Have A Lot To Learn)