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The Muse’s Lover: Impostor Syndrome

Hello, lovelies! I hope everyone is having a good day! I'm a little sleep deprived yay new puppy still adjusting and us being forced to restart her training after almost two months in thanks to forces out of our control and I'm feeling intense amounts of jealousy over the WorldCon that so many friends and industry… Continue reading The Muse’s Lover: Impostor Syndrome

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Back in the Grind

Last night, I finished another round of edits on my favorite book. I'm pretty stoked, friends. For a couple different reasons. One: I got back into the writing routine.  After a year where my writing output was pretty much shit, knowing I can get back into a routine and stick with it was refreshing (especially… Continue reading Back in the Grind

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My Most Recent Writing Mind Suck

Writing has been a...really interesting endeavor, recently. A lot of battling back and forth with my own mind, trying to decide whether I'm actually shit or if I'm borderline brilliant (because my brain doesn't have any go-between, apparently). A lot of questioning whether the story I'm writing is one I should be writing at all… Continue reading My Most Recent Writing Mind Suck

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Two Steps Back, A Million Steps Forward

Oh boy, do I have work ahead of me. Remember reading this post, where I described my revelation of recognizing when you send a manuscript out too early to be read, because it's still at the "this-book-is-shit" stage? Yeah, so I read through all of that beta feedback referenced in that post this afternoon and… Continue reading Two Steps Back, A Million Steps Forward

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Respect the Stages

I entered into Pitch Wars. Since, I've been trying (<--- read, failing) not to just stalk all my potential mentors' feeds and see if they say anything that resembles my book at all; trying (<--- read, still failing) not to refresh my email every ten seconds in hopes that a request for a partial or… Continue reading Respect the Stages

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Differing Opinions: Part Two

This post is a tad bit late thanks to my body going on protest against functioning in the world, resulting in me laying in bed for three days straight, running on nothing chicken noodle soup and lemon-lime Gatorade. It was meant to go up the day after I wrote Part One, where I talked about how… Continue reading Differing Opinions: Part Two

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My Quirks Using Beta Reader Feedback

In November, I wrote a blog post sending out a call for beta readers for two of my novels: THE RESISTANCE, an adult science fiction that's light on the sci and heavy on the gravestones; and ARTEMIS SMITH AND THE VIRTUOUS MARRIAGE QUEST, my favorite story that I've ever written about a staring artist who… Continue reading My Quirks Using Beta Reader Feedback