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Allyship Check In: No 7

Hello, lovelies.

I hope you’re hanging in there and staying healthy. At this point, that’s all you can do.

This should have went live on Monday, but on Sunday, my back spasmed and I was indisposed for a few days–and now doing physical therapy to try and correct whatever issue is causing this painful mobility and hopefully strengthen these muscles so this stops happening. So, I’m a bit behind on everything (don’t even get me started how behind I am on blog hopping and responding to comments; this weekend, I hope!), but I appreciate the understanding and the patience.

This month, of course, I’m sharing more resources to help with each of our own anti-racist journeys. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that many of the resources I’m linking down below come from the hard work of those on the Anti-Racist Daily team, to which I subscribe for daily email updates. Many of the readings, actions and donation links come from what I learn from their articles. As such, I have become a monthly patreon donor, because you need to pay BIPOC people for the work they do in helping dismantle racism, not just take what you can for free. I hope you consider subscribing and supporting them, too, especially if you are a white reader.

Like I mentioned before, while a lot of these resources are tied and focused to the Black Lives Matter movement, I have started to incorporate other resources about more global events, as well.

Oh, and while I hope this doesn’t need to be said, let’s please keep the comments kind and constructive–though, please never hesitate to call me out if I’ve misstep, if you are comfortable doing that emotional labor you shouldn’t have to do in the first place. I appreciate your assistance in helping me learn and continue to grow into the actual ally I want to be.

Last caveat: I listed a bunch of resources, because I hope you will click on the links and listen to the Black voices who are speaking up, instead of hearing my take. I’m using this as a space to amplify their voices–not add my own commentary to the mix.

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Videos and Podcasts

Petitions to Sign

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Places to Donate


On Activism

To Read For Fun

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Thank you for taking the time to read through such a lengthy post. I hope some of these resources have been helpful for you! And, if you found something you enjoyed and learned something from, consider supporting that creator, whether it’s through sharing, donating to them, signing up for a mailing list, purchasing their works. It is important that we amplify and share Black voices, but also that we support them and pay them, especially when they are educating us about racism. signature