Bookish Breakdown

Bookish Breakdown No. 1: January 2019

Hello, dear readers! So, I tried to do a new monthly series last year called my Bookish Breakdown: a monthly wrap up of books I've read, books I've hauled, some posts I'm really proud of writing and posts I really enjoyed from across the blogosphere! I...didn't do a great job of making that happen. The… Continue reading Bookish Breakdown No. 1: January 2019

Random Musings

Mystery Blogger Award!

I'll start this out with a confession: I love doing these types of things. They are so much fun, so shout out to the lovely and fantasticĀ JessĀ for the nomination (and my apologies for actually taking months to finally fill this out). Her blog ellDimensional is one I always ensure I don't miss a post, so… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award!