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A Change in Plans

Last year, I was on an amazing writing streak, writing four books between one November and the next. It was...mental, to be honest. So when the new year started, my plan--my vision--was to do the exact same thing again. I had a sequel in one series to write, three new series to start, not to… Continue reading A Change in Plans

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The Itch

I've been going a little stir-crazy the past few days, ever since this happened. I've learned that it's important to let your work breathe, after completing a draft. Jumping right back in, regardless of how desperately you need to or how much you really want to fix that one scene that's been nagging at you since chapter three. By… Continue reading The Itch

Random Musings

Weekend at WorldCon

I went to my first convention this past weekend and have spent every minute since wondering why I waited to long to do so. I mean, holy smokes, was this past weekend awesome! I discovered WorldCon really late into the game (like, only a week before pre-sale memberships were no longer on sale) because an… Continue reading Weekend at WorldCon

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Crafting the Creative Mentality

Who would have thought that entering into a Twitter contest would result in a multiple of realizations that turn into blog posts? And perhaps this latest "realization" isn't so revolutionary, but it did sort of sadden me, while at the same time, gave me a newfound mission as a writer: Support other writers. Or, I… Continue reading Crafting the Creative Mentality