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Book Six: Or, Perhaps My Most Important Book to Date

Last night, I finished writing another book. *panic flails* *throws confetti* It's my sixth ever completed book, which is mind blowing to me in its own right. It's the second book in a quintet I plan on writing. And though this might seem like a silly claim, at this moment right now, I think it's… Continue reading Book Six: Or, Perhaps My Most Important Book to Date

Writing Posts

A Writing Update

In February, I started writing the next book in the The Adventures of Artemis Smith quintet,¬†Artemis Smith and the Steam-Powered Fallacy. I had originally planned to start writing it on the 15th of January, but after some plotting woes and then coming down with the flu from hell that knocked me out for two weeks,… Continue reading A Writing Update

Random Musings

“The Real World”

I saved this blog post as an empty draft almost a year ago, after I got accepted as a part-time supervisor at the library I currently work at. I never got around to writing it, yet the things I wanted to talk about are still as poignant a year later, so here we go. I… Continue reading “The Real World”