Random Musings

So Guess What, Brain?

This mini...dare I call it a rant? I think it's more like word vomit. Yeah, let's go with word vomit. Anyway, this word vomit is brought to you most likely by a combination of period hormones, the general nature of an overthinking soul and the need to release emotions through writing it out. Ta-da. So,… Continue reading So Guess What, Brain?

Random Musings

Random Emotional Word Vomit

Hey, friends. It's been a hot second since I've wrote a post that wasn't tied into my resolutions on this blog (and I'm sorry about that; hoping to write more soon!). Still recovering from the holiday whirlwind and getting adjusted working evenings again, seems like. Though I know I'll have a video game review up… Continue reading Random Emotional Word Vomit

Random Musings

This Post is Definitely All Over The Place

I've written about my brain before. Sometimes, my brain really sucks. You know, like how it always goes to the worst case scenario whenever a situation pops up. Or how I overthink every little thing, to the point of exhaustion. Or how the combination of these things makes life just a little more complicated than… Continue reading This Post is Definitely All Over The Place

Random Musings

A Very Needed Reminder

Last week, I was on my period. Although it's different for every woman, I'm the sort that definitely becomes overly emotional during that time. I like to believe that I usually do a good job keeping those emotions in check and under wraps during that time (though my Mom is always quick to tell me… Continue reading A Very Needed Reminder

Random Musings

Running Anxiety

I'm not sure how long you could actually label me a runner, but I've had runner's anxiety for as long as I could remember. It's a really stupid feeling where you're worried about what everyone else thinks concerning your own running style. For the longest time, this anxiety was so intense, I would actually avoid… Continue reading Running Anxiety

Writing Posts

Insights With Editing

I don't think there is any "correct" way to edit your novel. You just gotta find what works best for you in that given moment or that given manuscript and continue to strive to create the best story you can. That said, I've discovered some interesting differences editing ARTEMIS for the second time than my… Continue reading Insights With Editing