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Impromptu RPG Rants and Raves: The Woes of the Completionist

Hello there, lovelies. So, you may have noticed that I sorta...started an impromptu new blog series? I have no idea how long it will continue or if it'll be a short series (as I have only a few posts lined up in my head,all of which will prolly go live this week because I have… Continue reading Impromptu RPG Rants and Raves: The Woes of the Completionist

Random Musings

The Fickleness of Fandoms

This might be a¬†little¬†controversial, so strap in, friends. I'm a pretty big gamer. Considering writing is definitely part of my career and I tie reading into that, too (even though neither of them pay me for it...yet), spending time on my PS4 and playing games is prolly my favorite and most time-consuming hobby. I love… Continue reading The Fickleness of Fandoms

Video Games

A Plea for RPGs

So, I'm a pretty huge gamer. RPGs, specifically. I've pretty much sold pieces of my soul to BioWare and Bethesda, particularly, and I'm totally okay with that. The games that they create makes that totally worth it. The characters who I fall in love with, the worlds that are immersive and vast and let me… Continue reading A Plea for RPGs

Video Games

E3 Reponse From the Casually Obsessed Gamer

So, E3 finally happened. I wasn't lucky enough to go (who has that kind of money?) and that's probably a good thing, because I saw pictures of some of the swag that was there and oh boy, my bank account does not need that kind of temptation put in front of me. I watched most… Continue reading E3 Reponse From the Casually Obsessed Gamer