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Novels and Narratives: No 1

Hello, lovelies! This post is a little bit different for me and it might tank (hopefully not! But...*shrugs*). Yet, I've seen other writers post about their writing progress and how they are doing, what they are working on, that kind of thing, and I want to do that, too! So, welcome to another new series… Continue reading Novels and Narratives: No 1

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More Than One Story

Hello, lovelies! I feel like this is going to get a little ramble-y, so please bear with me. The other day, I saw a discussion on Twitter about mothers in fantasy novels and how they either a) never exist or b) do exist, but can never go an adventure or do anything because they would… Continue reading More Than One Story

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Interview With Christopher Husberg, Author of the Chaos Queen Quintet

Hello, lovelies! I have a new interview for you today--and writers, especially, you're not going to want to miss this one, because the amount of wisdom dropped here is just mind blowing. I am so happy to welcome the amazing and inspiring author¬†Christopher Husberg to the blog today! You may know him from his incredible¬†Chaos… Continue reading Interview With Christopher Husberg, Author of the Chaos Queen Quintet

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The Quest for a Compelling Query

April of last year, I finally faked enough confidence to send out a dozen or so queries for my first book. It was a terrifying process, I remember. But it was a good process. Even as the rejections continued to pour in (three responses and roughly eight or nine silent ones, I believe), it felt… Continue reading The Quest for a Compelling Query