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Tired, But in a Financial Way

Hello, lovelies! Got another rant for you today, this time coming in a form that many of you are probably familiar with, if you've been a long-time follower of this here blog: bitching about how difficult it is to survive financially as a twenty-something millennial in the year of our Lord 2019. You see, it's… Continue reading Tired, But in a Financial Way

Random Musings

Pressure and Expectations: Making it Financially as an Author

Hello, dear readers! This week, I wanted to write about money, but in a very different sense than what I usually do, i.e., ranting about my lack of it and the difficulty of surviving as an adult in this consistently-increasing-living-expenses-without-an-increase-in-pay society (and that's without getting into the bullshit that's going on in the White House right now).… Continue reading Pressure and Expectations: Making it Financially as an Author

Random Musings

Another Rant About Money…

...because it's something that I can always rant about, apparently. But let's be real. If you know me, you know that money is on my mind pretty much all the time. Because how can it not be? Everything cost something, you spend most of your life working so you can afford to buy things, it's… Continue reading Another Rant About Money…

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Two Sides to Every Coin

This is what you get for wanting to write a blog post but then waiting a week and a half to write it: you lose the source of your inspiration and thus can't quote it when you need to. You see, I was reading...something (an article online, perhaps? maybe an interview?) where an author was… Continue reading Two Sides to Every Coin

Random Musings

Frugal to a Fault

Apparently November is Financial Literacy Month--which I totally didn't know until YouTuber Nerdy and Quirky talked about it in one of her vlogs. Not only was it a funny (and relatable) video, but it was great inspiration for a really apt topic to write about this week, as I looked back on my own finances.… Continue reading Frugal to a Fault

Random Musings

So Much More

Remember this rant? About how I'm floored at how average humans afford to live, even when they are working full-time jobs that make above minimum wage (with the reality that most of them can't afford to live, aside from being paycheck-to-paycheck, finding another job or splitting incomes with a partner or friend)? That hopelessness and the overwhelming, "What… Continue reading So Much More

Random Musings

Another Rant On Adulting

Let me start off by saying I'm really freakin' lucky. I have a good job (that's now full-time *throws balloons*). I have a reliable car. A cute apartment. I can afford groceries, utilities and Internet. I have good health and am in a pretty good mental state. For the most part, I'm completely independent when… Continue reading Another Rant On Adulting