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Write What You Love

Hello, lovelies! Today is Valentine's Day. Or Single Awareness Day. The day we use as an excuse to spent lots of money (or at least extra money) on those we love and buy overpriced chocolate that, at midnight, goes 75% off simply because hearts are printed on the packaging and don't you know we don't… Continue reading Write What You Love

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My Neglected Passions and Pursuits

This writing break has been surprisingly hard. I've finally figured out my writing routine, I think. I mean, it seems to be working, since I've written two first drafts this year when last year, I wrote none. There's a lot that times into that--including being in a better place, mentally, this year, as well as… Continue reading My Neglected Passions and Pursuits

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Remembering Roots Amongst Bark, Branches and Leaves

In the past year, I've become a pretty serious writer, despite what my last two months' output proves. I think writing four books in a year is a sign that I have given myself permission to dedicate my time and my passion to my craft, even if I've stumbled recently and fallen off of the… Continue reading Remembering Roots Amongst Bark, Branches and Leaves

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Whoa, I think that's the first all-caps title I've ever had. It's a bit overwhelming, but it captures my emotions pretty well, so I'm keeping it. A few minutes ago, I finally finished a full rough draft of my current work-in-progress, which as been tentatively titled THE RESISTANCE. It's the work-in-progress I've been referring throughout the past few… Continue reading GUYS, I’VE WRITTEN FOUR BOOKS