Random Musings

Just That Mental Game

I'm pretty sure I've written about this topic before, so I'll try not to rant about it too much here. But, you know me: when I need to get something off my chest, half the time, if I don't blog about it, then it ends up festering, and that's not helpful or enjoyable for anyone… Continue reading Just That Mental Game

Random Musings

A Reality Check, In Two Parts

There are a lot of reasons why I'm really excited for spring to get here: the warm weather, to not feel cold all of the time, not having to worry about trying to drive in the snow, getting to wear tank tops again, the huge fluffy clouds and feeling of renewal with the sun shining… Continue reading A Reality Check, In Two Parts

Random Musings

The Never-Ending Cycle of Learning Lessons

This freakin' brain of mine, friends. This freakin' brain. So, as you (might) know, my birthday was last week. *throws celebratory balloons* As such, it was a lot of eating really good food. Including cake. Like, Oreo Blizzard Cake from Dairy Queen (because my family is awesome). Plus, homemade strawberry pretzel salad (because my family is… Continue reading The Never-Ending Cycle of Learning Lessons

Questing Series

Quest for Happiness: Starting Week One

So, like so many people did (and I actually really enjoyed reading through all the posts), I wrote a Resolutions posts. And usually, I write it, feel really committed, last the month of January before my resolutions take a nose dive into the deep end and become lost in the murky waters, not revisited until the waters… Continue reading Quest for Happiness: Starting Week One