Random Musings

Weird Moods, Weird Thoughts

I'm in kind of a weird mood tonight, friends, so just hang on with me on this one. This week has been...kinda weird, I guess? Overall, it's been pretty good. In some ways, I've been productive: blogging, paying the bills, catching up on some backlogged ARCs. But in other ways--I'd argue two of the most… Continue reading Weird Moods, Weird Thoughts

Random Musings

Mastering That Mental Game

I've been thinking a lot of fitness, lately. About the journey I've undergone in the past--what this November will mark--two years. I'm really proud of what I've accomplished and where I've come from, the habits that I've built (and almost always follow) and everything I've learned since I decided I wanted to take my health… Continue reading Mastering That Mental Game

Random Musings, Writing Posts

The Power Over Your Own Mentality

I got a lot of positive feedback regarding my The Demons of Doubt post from yesterday (which I really, really appreciate; thank you). It also brought up an idea inspired by my own musing and discussions that I--having that writer's soul--decided to craft a blog post around: mentality. But not just that, but pointing out the obvious--yet… Continue reading The Power Over Your Own Mentality