Random Musings

2020: Live With Intention

Hello, lovelies! I know that time is just a social construct and there really¬†isn't¬†anything special about today, but I do subscribe to the idea that this is a chance for change; for rebirth and reflection, for improving what I want to improve and recognizing what I'm already thankful for and proud of. I'm among the… Continue reading 2020: Live With Intention

Writing Posts

2017: Questing to Know Myself and Choose Happiness

Christmas is less than a week away, with the New Year skittering close after its heels. Though it might seem a bit early for a resolution-like post, when the mood to write strikes you, you ignore it at your own peril. I say "resolution-like" because I can already tell that I'm not going to have… Continue reading 2017: Questing to Know Myself and Choose Happiness

Random Musings

Reflecting my Way to a Resolution

Greetings, 2014!It's weird to think that January is already here and 2013 has already passed. Seemed like 2012 was just yesterday and now, it's already 2014! In six years, it will be 2020...odd, right? And like many other people, I must proclaim my resolutions from the rooftops, as you do when the new year's tide… Continue reading Reflecting my Way to a Resolution