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So You Didn’t Make It Into Pitch Wars

If you are a part of or follow the writing community on Twitter--especially if you follow writing contests hosted on Twitter--then you know that today, August 24th, is a pretty big day. It's the day Pitch Wars mentors announce who they've chosen as their mentees. I was one of the hopefuls this year. That status… Continue reading So You Didn’t Make It Into Pitch Wars

Writing Posts

Respect the Stages

I entered into Pitch Wars. Since, I've been trying (<--- read, failing) not to just stalk all my potential mentors' feeds and see if they say anything that resembles my book at all; trying (<--- read, still failing) not to refresh my email every ten seconds in hopes that a request for a partial or… Continue reading Respect the Stages

Random Musings

#PimpMyBio: Pitch Wars 2017

Welcome, friends. I'm new to both the Pitch Wars community and to this awesome #PimpMyBio blog hop, but I'm really excited to be a part of both. If you want to learn more about Pitch Wars, read this. If you want to meet some other fantastic writers participating in the blog hop, click here. If you want to… Continue reading #PimpMyBio: Pitch Wars 2017