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Seeking Advice to Help Me Win Against Myself?

Hello, lovelies. This has been a weird week in what has been a bizarre, depressing, overwhelming, terrifying--and yet, in some ways, desperately needed--year. I'm still working from home and my day job is in the throngs of it's busiest season, so most days, I'm left drained and overworked. I'm also still working on client editing… Continue reading Seeking Advice to Help Me Win Against Myself?

Random Musings

The Pursuit of Productivity

Hello, lovelies. Nothing like learning about yourself during a lockdown, huh? I've recently realized that I'm happiest when I'm being productive. I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about that fact. But it is, indeed, a fact. What I've always known about myself is that I like to stay busy. I have a lot… Continue reading The Pursuit of Productivity

Random Musings

Being Okay With Lazy

The past two days, I've been a bit...lazy. Instinctively, I felt like I needed to beat myself up about it. My To-Do List wasn't getting any shorter and there was so much time that I was wasting, especially after having such a productive Monday. But I'm writing this post to remind myself that this is… Continue reading Being Okay With Lazy

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The Power Over Your Own Mentality

I got a lot of positive feedback regarding my The Demons of Doubt post from yesterday (which I really, really appreciate; thank you). It also brought up an idea inspired by my own musing and discussions that I--having that writer's soul--decided to craft a blog post around: mentality. But not just that, but pointing out the obvious--yet… Continue reading The Power Over Your Own Mentality