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Time: Humanity’s Worst Concept

Oh, lovelies. Hi there. This is a post I definitely hoped I wouldn't have to write, but I'm also...not surprised that I'm writing it? Guess who still hasn't adjusted to a new routine since starting a new job? Don't get me wrong: changing jobs was 100% the right move. I am so much happier in my… Continue reading Time: Humanity’s Worst Concept

Reading Outlook

Reading Outlook in Review 2019: Part 3

Hello, lovelies! You might not recall what exactly my Reading Outlook is, but basically: it's a goal TBR list that I make at the beginning of the year, of books that I hope to read throughout the year--especially since I'm such a mood reader and monthly TBRs might not go over so well. The plan… Continue reading Reading Outlook in Review 2019: Part 3