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Library Tour: Part Two

Hello lovelies! Welcome to Part Two of my Library Tour! The first post highlighted all my favorite Orbit books and shared an embarrassing amount of books unread. Today's bookshelf is going to show you how even my own organizational style (by publisher and author) gets thrown to the wind within the library, as this one… Continue reading Library Tour: Part Two

Discussion, Writing Posts

Time: Humanity’s Worst Concept

Oh, lovelies. Hi there. This is a post I definitely hoped I wouldn't have to write, but I'm also...not surprised that I'm writing it? Guess who still hasn't adjusted to a new routine since starting a new job? Don't get me wrong: changing jobs was 100% the right move. I am so much happier in my… Continue reading Time: Humanity’s Worst Concept

Reading Outlook

Reading Outlook in Review 2019: Part 3

Hello, lovelies! You might not recall what exactly my Reading Outlook is, but basically: it's a goal TBR list that I make at the beginning of the year, of books that I hope to read throughout the year--especially since I'm such a mood reader and monthly TBRs might not go over so well. The plan… Continue reading Reading Outlook in Review 2019: Part 3