Questing Series

Quest for Balance: Week Eleven

Hello, dear readers! The highs throughout the entire week are supposed to be in the 50s and theĀ 60s. It's here. It's finally here. (Almost) even better than that, at the end of last week, my boyfriend and I got approved for the duplex we really wanted and we already signed our lease, so we are… Continue reading Quest for Balance: Week Eleven

Quest for Discovery

Quest for Discovery: Week Eleven

Hello, friends! Just trucking along. It's midway through March and I'm wondering, currently, why I'm shivering so much and it's just miserable cold outside (at least, today it is). I'm definitely eager for it to be truly spring, instead of a random nice day here and there, and then I'm back to putting on a… Continue reading Quest for Discovery: Week Eleven

Quest for Happiness

Quest for Happiness: Week Eleven (Plus, The Importance of Rest)

If you've been following this series of resolutions posts that occur every Sunday, you might realize that the last post was for Week Nine yet this week is Week Eleven. You might have also noticed that no post went up last week for Week Ten. At first, a break in routine simply caused me to… Continue reading Quest for Happiness: Week Eleven (Plus, The Importance of Rest)