Questing Series

Quest for Balance: Week Seventeen

Hello, lovelies! *still recovering from Endgame, honestly* After having two weeks in a row where I didn't have to work on Sunday, working on a Sunday has been...weird and starting off a little bit slow. Hopefully, I'll get into my groove here soon and start being productive, as it's going to be another busy week this… Continue reading Quest for Balance: Week Seventeen

Quest for Discovery

Quest for Discovery: Week Seventeen

Hello, friends! Last week was a pretty good week, all things considered. It was a bit busier at work, which makes sense, as the semester is reaching its peak time, with finals only a couple weeks away. But I'm getting more involved at my job and I'm excited about that. Writing is still going well… Continue reading Quest for Discovery: Week Seventeen

Quest for Happiness

Week Seventeen

Check the level, bro. Fitness: Long-term Goal: Shape the body I want and become healthier. Last Week’s Goal: Workout three times. Practicing eating slowly and actually tasting all of my food. Status: Sorta. I did work out three times, but I still haven't mastered the eating slowly concept of the Naturally Slim program. Eating quickly is going to be hard habit… Continue reading Week Seventeen