Quest for Discovery

Quest for Discovery: Week Twenty Three

Hello, friends!
Welcome to June! It’s such a weird feeling that it’s…well, it’s freakin’ June. Sure, I’m sweating enough on a daily basis to where I can totally believe that’s the reality in question, but it’s also very surreal that 2018 is halfway over already, summer has truly hit us and I have only been to the pool once so far this summer.
Oh, the need to re-prioritize.

Long-Term Goal: Write two new books and edit two books. Enter the query trenches.

Last Week’s Goal: Write 4x.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. So, I didn’t realize how close I truly was to the end of this book until last week, where I had an, “Oh, shit, there are only three major events left before the book ends” moment. At that point, I was at roughly 60,000 words and then started worrying that I wasn’t even going to reach my minimum word count goal of 80K before the book ends. Now, I’m at 72K and still have two of those major events left, so…I’m no longer worrying about the final word count, but instead, panicking that I might actually have a first draft completed of this novel by Friday.

Weekly Goal: Write 5x. Finish novel?

Long-Term Goal: Read every day, finishing up some old series and keeping up with new ones.

Last Week’s Goal: Read every day. Write review.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. Didn’t get to read nearly as much as I wanted to, last week (sorta thanks to writing more than usual, so I’m not going to beat myself up too much about it). But I’m thinking, after I finish this novel, that I might try and take a reading break for the rest of June and spend most of my free time reading, before I go to work editing the novels I wrote during the first half of this year. So…a lotta more books and reviews are on my horizon, I think.

Weekly Goal: Read every day. Write review.

Long-Term Goal: Continue living a healthy lifestyle and shaping a body I love and am proud of.

Last Week’s Goal: Workout 3x. Log food.
Status: Negative, Commander. I did walk during three of my four lunch breaks, but I didn’t exactly eat the best, didn’t log my food and I started my period, so that only intensified that and basically, I’m just really excited to get back on a regular workout routine this week.
Weekly Goal: Workout 5x. Log food.

Long-Term Goal: Learn to have a healthy relationship with money and build my savings.

Weekly Goal: Pay rent. Put money into savings.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. And I’m really stoked to continue seeing my savings account rise, slowly but surely.

Weekly Goal: Get back to being a little more frugal and watching my money more closely.

Long-Term Goal: Reconnect with God and grow personally to live more like Jesus.

Last Week’s Goal: Start devotional.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. Considering my order with this book in it has decided to take a tour around the country before it reaches my mailbox, I’m going to give myself a pass for not starting a devotional I haven’t even received yet.

Weekly Goal: Start devotional whenever God wills the post to arrive.

Carpe Diem
Long-Term Goal: Find a reason to smile every day and something to get excited about weekly. 

Last Week’s Goal: Enjoy my last week on a normal schedule.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. 

Weekly Goal: Get used to my new summer schedule.
Aside from Fridays, I’ll now be working 2pm-10pm Monday through Thursday. Tentatively, I think I’ll still go to bed around 10:30/11 each night, once I get home and then try to continue getting up before 8am, so I have plenty of time to: workout, swim/lay out by the pool, shower, get ready and cook before I leave for work at 1:30pm every day. I definitely need to kick my ass back into shape after a pretty consistent month of not doing that, but I also want to enjoy my last summer having a pool at my apartment complex and I have a lot of books that require to be read beside said pool (seriously, it says so on the cover).

Quest for Happiness

Quest for Happiness: Week Twenty Three


  • Long-term Goal: Shape the body I want and become healthier.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Workout 5x and eat well.
    • Status: Nada, señor. I worked out once and ate pretty decently (still gotta figure out how to navigate those weekends). The journey continues!
  • This Week’s GoalWorkout 5x and eat well.


  • Long-term Goal: Edit three books, write four new books and query at least one.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Edit three chapters.
    • Status: Killed it. Only 60 pages left to edit and I’m pretty jazzed about my progress so far.
  • This Week’s Goal: Edit two chapters.


  • Long-term Goal: Read 60 books.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Read every day.
    • Status: Nada. 
  • This Week’s Goal: Finish book and write review.


  • Long-term Goal: Create and maintain a mindset that taking care of yourself is just as important as everything else.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Swim, game and Sherlock.
    • Status: Success! Didn’t swim much or watch Sherlock, because my life has once again been consumed by playing Shadows of Mordor. I regret nothing.
  • This Week’s Goal: Kill some war chiefs and get my tan on.


  • Long-term Goal: Increase output over all three blogs, i.e., post more consistently.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Blog twice, catch up on reading blogs and responding to comments.
    • Status: Success!
  • This Week’s Goal: Blog twice.


  • Long-term Goal: Manage money with more awareness, start retirement fund and build savings.
  • Last Week’s Goal: FRUGAL.
    • Status: Eh? Finally caved and bought some new running shoes. Very, very close to not being paycheck to paycheck anymore. Very ready to get there.
  • This Week’s Goal: Map out available spending.

Last week, I had a lazy week and got lost executing orcs in Mordor. And I’m okay with that, especially as I still accomplished my writing goals. This week, as I start my new schedule going full-time, I’m ready to get back on the grind and form a routine. Let’s see what goals we can accomplish.