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Novels and Narratives: No 2

Hello, lovelies! I hope today, you woke up from a restful sleep, got to eat a really good breakfast and the weather was exactly how you prefer it (I know, the biggest fantasy possible, but hey, I can still hope for it, right?). I'm back today with the second installment of the Novels and Narratives… Continue reading Novels and Narratives: No 2

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A Small, Mental Quandary

Writing this latest book has been....really different, especially from the last one I just finished a few weeks ago. Before, I was hitting every word count goal I made each day and usually surpassing it, averaging between 2,000 and 3,000 words each day. Sure, I had the harrowing experience of knowing exactly what was wrong… Continue reading A Small, Mental Quandary

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Lying Numbers and Cheating Thoughts

I started writing a new book this week and I'm already 13,000 words in, after two days of working on it. Before you start cursing my name and wonder what sacrifices I've made in order for the Muse to be so kind to me, let me clear something up real quick. Hardly any of those… Continue reading Lying Numbers and Cheating Thoughts

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Huh, Would You Look At That?

As everyone does with their dreams, sometimes (read: all the time), I question whether I have the chops to actually achieve it. If I have the talent, the drive, the passion, the work ethic, the stubbornness, to pursue writing and my dream of being a published author (hint: I do, but it's easy for my… Continue reading Huh, Would You Look At That?

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A Writing Update

In February, I started writing the next book in the The Adventures of Artemis Smith quintet,¬†Artemis Smith and the Steam-Powered Fallacy. I had originally planned to start writing it on the 15th of January, but after some plotting woes and then coming down with the flu from hell that knocked me out for two weeks,… Continue reading A Writing Update

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Pitching Problems…

...and no, unfortunately, this has nothing to do with baseball (though baseball season is almost officially here *soft squee*). It actually has everything to do with writing and the devilish process that is pitching a manuscript and searching for representation. I've went through a few rounds of querying, as I've mentioned before on the blog.… Continue reading Pitching Problems…