Random Musings

This Can't Be Reality

Major disclaimer, first of all: I’m really lucky to have the job I have.
The post I’m about to write? Yeah, it doesn’t pertain to my job, because I’m very lucky, like I said. I have a job that allows me to work in an environment I enjoy–working with people, in a library, helping them find books and understand the resources available to them and helping them research. Granted, I’d love to work in a library that isn’t academic, so I can tell all of the patrons who come in about the latest book I’ve loved and they should read, too (and vice versa), but I do really love my job. I work with great people, I get to be extroverted yet also embrace my introvertedness, not to mention grow my supervisory skills and excel with my organizational skills. Sure, my hours are less than ideal and I’m barely making enough to scrape by, but I’m still lucky, for two main reasons.
One: I enjoy the job I do.
Two: I get to leave my job at my job.
I know some people where there is not the case. Where their workloads are so massive that they literally cannot fathom another option, aside from working overtime or working over the weekends, in order to complete everything they need to just to stay afloat, let alone get ahead of the game or make a little breathing room. Worse, they don’t enjoy their jobs. They are miserable while they are there, for one reason or another, yet they can’t even leave the job at the job, so they take that misery home.
And on and on and on the cycle goes.
For me, just as an outsider, this sucks because this is happening to some of the people who I love the most, yet I have no idea how to help them. I don’t have that experience, so I’m not sure what they are going through. For me, it’s easy to say, “Just leave it at work,” or “take a break every once in a while/take a day off/stop stressing.” Because that’s what I do. But I can’t truly understand what they are going through, so the advice I’d normally give doesn’t really apply.
But it’s frustrating as hell, to watch your loved ones get broken by stress and the weight of their responsibilities and never seem to have any reprieve…from their job. It can’t be worth that, yet we all have to survive financially, right? But there has to be some better way to balance it; to have a life outside of work, to be able to enjoy life and have more to it than just work.
Yet how do you find that balance, when you work a job like I described above? Again, not mine; trying to figure out how to help these loved ones when I’m not in a similar position. Advice would be appreciated.